Frequently Asked Questions – 4

Q. How do I measure?

1) Tools required

2) Before you begin

3) Simply sketch your floor plan

4) Right you now ready to start measuring the outside

5) Right your now ready to start measuring the inside

6) Nearly finished


Right your now ready to start measuring the outside

When measuring try your best to keep your tape as level & free from bending as possible for more accurate measurements.

First of all measure the outside of your home, filling in all dimensions on your sketch for the main features like your window locations, door openings, any projections such as chimneys, porches, bay windows, etc., highlighting any location of joints between the original building & any previous additions you may have had.

Various obstructions such as trees, bushes, fences, walls may prove a problem & you may need to take individual measurements.

Top tip
Always try your hardest to measure in running dimensions whenever possible. Using your tape clip it at one corner of your home or get help to have it held in place & run the tape along the side of the building, reading the measurement & writing it on your sketch at each measurable feature as you move along the tape (basically so most measurements where possible are all taken from the same place). This will reduce the built up of errors that can be caused by measuring each feature separately.