Frequently Asked Questions – 5

Q. How do I measure?

1) Tools required

2) Before you begin

3) Simply sketch your floor plan

4) Right you now ready to start measuring the outside

5) Right your now ready to start measuring the inside

6) Nearly finished


Right your now ready to start measuring the inside

Begin by measuring each room’s 1) Overall width & length from wall to wall. 2) Floor to ceiling height. 3) Writing the flooring & wall materials. 4) Adding a note to the sketch what each room’s purpose is (i.e. kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.) In addition to this add dimensions to interior doorways, closets, airing cupboards, chimney breasts etc and any other key features you think may be relevant as you can’t give us too much information. This will allow us to solve any problems that may arise during the computer cad design stage. Do not worry about the minor features or your home such as wood trim and mouldings, furniture, sockets or any changes in materials etc. Just concentrate on the main fabric of the building. As you will have already measured the window locations & external doors from outside these do not need to be included again. The thickness of your walls will need to be measured & added to your sketch, these will vary from brick to timber stud walls throughout your home. This is simply done by measuring at places such as doorways and windows were you can obtain a wall thickness.

Top tip

Remember to use your digital camera as much as you can externally & internally, as photos are great for allowing us to see any missed information. Again you cannot send us too much information so click as many photos you see fit. It would help if you could spend a little time to rename each photo so we can locate the pictures about your home.