Frequently Asked Questions – 6

Q. How do I measure?

1) Tools required

2) Before you begin

3) Simply sketch your floor plan

4) Right you now ready to start measuring the outside

5) Right your now ready to start measuring the inside

6) Nearly finished


Nearly finished

Finally don’t worry about carrying out this task it may seem daunting at first glance but it’s really not, just take your time and work through the steps above, if it’s unclear try reading the steps over again. Simply put if anything is missing or does not quite seem right we can easily phone & ask for you to measure again.

Once complete give the drawing a name. This needs to include your name & address of the building, it would be helpful if the names of those who measured up were added, & the date could be added. The original copy of your drawing with all of your dimensions you have just taken should be kept by you along with any other details.

Now simply scan your survey & email to us, remember to quickly check over the scan to make sure none of your detail is lost or too faint. You may wish to draw your plans up neater and go over your pencil lines with a pen for additional clarity. As an alternative to email you can also post your survey to us.