The Process

  • Upon acceptance of DPP’s quoted price, we will promptly coordinate a convenient date for a property survey.

  • During the property visit, we will meticulously assess your property and engage in comprehensive discussions to understand your specific requirements. Precise dimensions and essential notes will be recorded.

  • Subsequently, we will craft your preliminary planning permission drawings for your review. Should you find these satisfactory, please inform us, and we will initiate the online application process. Alternatively, if you wish to make amendments to the drawings, kindly communicate your changes via phone or email. If you require further consultations for modifications, we are at your service.

  • Once we receive your confirmation of satisfaction and the agreed payment has been made, we will proceed with your online application. As a courtesy, we will provide your site location and block plans, essential documents mandated by your local authority, free of charge. However, it’s essential to note that you, as the customer, will be responsible for paying the planning application fee levied by your council. (Please note that Planning Application fees may vary based on the nature of the application; refer to your local planning authority or allow us to assist you in confirming the current fee.)

  • Upon your application becoming visible on your local planning authority’s website, we will promptly notify you, allowing you to personally monitor its progress. Generally, within an approximate span of 8 weeks, we anticipate receiving official confirmation of the success of your planning application. We will expediently convey this information to you.

  • If your property falls under the category of “Permitted Development,” we encourage you to consult our dedicated guide see our page for a guide. This status grants you the freedom to commence property modifications immediately.

  • Ensuring compliance with “Building Regulations” is imperative. This requirement can be fulfilled through two avenues: the submission of detailed Building Regulation drawings and specifications (we are equipped to assist in this regard; visit our Building Regulations page for illustrative examples’ Buildings Regulations ), or alternatively, the application for a “Building Notice.” The latter enables you to commence work promptly, accompanied by the obligation to notify your local Building Control at specific project stages. This ensures adherence to prevailing regulations. For an in-depth understanding of the “Building Notice” process, kindly access the Planning Portal’s guide by clicking the button below.



  • Your search for a reputable builder that is suitable to carry out your modifications (We can assist you in finding builders in and around Carlisle).